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There are some health problems and emergencies you shouldn't wait to treat. If you are in immediate need of attention, come to Elms Creek Family & Urgent Care Clinic. We have doctors on call 24/7 for any medical emergencies.

We won't keep you unnecessarily longer than we have to. Our patients move through our clinic fairly quickly.

• Cold

• Cough

• Sore throat

• Sprain

• Fractures

• X-rays

• Suture removal

• Burn treatment

• Ingrown toenail removal

• Earaches

• Strep screening

• Flu screening

Our urgent care services include:

• Mono screening

• Acute illness

• Mild trauma

• Minor surgical care

• IUD removal

• Lancing

• Removal of foreign bodies

• IV fluid replacement

• Asthma attack

• Allergies

• Rashes or skin problems

• All other minor urgent care needs

More urgent care treatments:

Located right here in Killeen, TX, Elms Creek Family & Urgent Care Clinic offers a wide range of urgent care services to aid you as quickly as possible.

Your locally-based urgent care provider

Some Health Troubles Cannot Wait

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