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Dr. Charles W. Mitchell is the owner of Elms Creek Family & Urgent Care Clinic. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Mitchell has experience as a former Army Major and an ER doctor. He studied at Loma Linda University in California.

Elms Creek Family & Urgent Care Clinic of Killeen, TX offers appointments, but accepts walk-in patients as well.

The rest of our staff is made up of pediatrician Dr. Ricky D. Mitchell, internist Dr. Steven Ralph (who has over 25 years of experience), our family nurse practitioners Kenia Sanders and Jana Barcelon.

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Meet Our Caring Staff

If you walk among the pediatric rooms at Elms Creek Family and Urgent Care Clinic, you may hear him before you even see him. Whether you hear a familiar melody or just some words of greeting or comfort added to a tune, you'll quickly realize why Dr. Ricky Mitchell's patients affectionately refer to him as "The Singing Doctor."


How did Dr. Ricky develop his well-known habit of singing to his patients? "I initially started singing at work because I felt happy and blessed," the pediatrician explains. "I noticed that the singing helped to calm the children as I was seeing them, so I've continued it. I also just love to sing anywhere I am!"


After completing his medical degree at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1996, Dr. Ricky received residency training in Pediatrics at University of North Carolina Hospitals in Chapel Hill. Dr. Ricky, who is board-certified in pediatrics, has worked in his field for over twenty years, twelve of which have been at Elms Creek Family & Urgent Care Clinic in Kileen, TX. He shares what he likes most about his work: "I like having fun with children and helping them to feel better. I get an opportunity to play with children every day!" His patients and their parents agree that Dr. Ricky enjoys what he does, and it shows!


What advice does Dr. Ricky have for all parents? "Every parent should love his or her child unconditionally. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor; you can love your child. Loving your children is not giving them everything in the world, but it means being there for them and showing love in ways that are meaningful to them."

Dr. Ricky D. Mitchell, "the singing doctor"

Elms Creek Family and Urgent Care Clinic is pleased to showcase their newest physician, Dr. Stephen Ralph to Killeen and the surrounding communities. Dr. Ralph was relocated to Killeen in 2012 after practicing for 25 years in the Long Island/New York area.


Dr. Ralph's education started at Fordham University and then to Guadalajara, Mexico for medical school. He adopted the language and culture, which has been invaluable in caring for the Hispanic community. His post-graduate training in Internal Medicine was through SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, attaining Board Certification in that specialty. The majority of Dr. Ralph's experience has been in Emergency Medicine attaining Board Certification in that specialty as well; serving as Assistant Medical Director in Bayshore, Long Island. His experience extends to serving on the staff of Long Island State Veterans' Home, on the campus of SUNY/Stony Brook University Hospital, several years in a multi-specialty practice and additionally with his father, a General Practicing Physician. He credits growing up around both his father's and grandfather's practices, both General Practitioners, with love for medicine; "I never really considered any other career."


"The most common question I am asked is, 'How did you end up in Killeen?'" In 2010, Dr. Ralph went to Zambia, Africa on a mission trip. It was there as a member of the medical team that he met Dr. Charles Mitchell, a long-time Physician in Killeen. "We became friends and I was ready for a new chapter in my life."


Dr. Ralph's most recent enthusiasm is in aggressively pursuing lifestyle changes to impact his patient's health. He recently became Board-certfied in Lifestyle Medicine. He has witnessed that many of our country's western diseases are provoked by our lifestyle choices; the foods we eat, our physical activity; and our emotional well-being all heavily influence our health. Dr. Ralph encourages his patients through personal counseling, recommending books, movies and online material.


Dr. Ralph is a member of the Advent Health Hospital and is proud to be a member of the Elms Creek Family and Urgent Care Clinic and desires to provide care to our community for many years to come.


To schedule your appointment, please call 254-554-8773.

Dr. Stephen Ralph

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Dr. Charles W. Mitchell